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Addo Loan Fund and Monitoring Proposal


MEDA has been requested by MSH and the SUMMA Foundation to design two programs for the ADDO project, namely: a credit facility that will ensure that DLD owners are provided with two valuable inputs, specifically business training and credit, and secondly a program that monitors and tracks the performance of accredited ADDO DLD businesses over […]

RPM Plus Mapping Report in Kilombero 2005


Kilombero district is one of the six districts of Morogoro region and is located on to the south west of Morogoro region and forms border with the following districts/regions: to the north, Kilosa district and Morogoro Rural District, to the east, Lindi Region, to the south and south east, Ulanga District, south west and west, […]

SEAM Evaluation Process


Evaluation plans and initial indicators were developed for baseline assessments. At the start of the endline survey process these plans were updated with program information. The indicator lists were reformulated to review the results in terms of the various factors that influence access to medicines.

East Africa Drug Seller Initiative (EADSI) Evaluation Report


One of EADSI’s objectives was to strengthen the ADDO model in Tanzania to facilitate scale up and sustainability. Another EADSI objective was to develop a plan to replicate the ADDO model to scale in Uganda and demonstrate the adapted model in one district. The newly accredited and improved shops in Uganda’s Kibaale district were named […]

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Tanzania ADDO Endline Evaluation


The attached data collection forms are provided for the evaluation of SEAM ADDO program. This data collection effort will include visits to 50 ADDO facilities in Ruvuma and approximately 60 Duka la Dawa Baridi drug retail outlets in Singida. The same information will be gathered at each facility. The forms are designed to collect data […]



The Strategies for Enhancing Access to Medicines (SEAM) Program’s work in Tanzania included working with the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) to develop and demonstrate an accredited drug dispensing outlet (ADDO) initiative. The ADDO program takes a holistic approach that combines changing the behavior and expectations of people who use, own, regulate, or work […]